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Our Altair Virtual ATCx Electromagnetics event is over but you can still watch our keynote speakers, and view the  technical sessions on-demand. 

With electromagnetic (EM) effects in mind has become a vital part of the design process. Our ATCx EM day is an excellent opportunity to explore and discover the latest developments in this best-in-class software. Industry experts will present the latest capabilities and enhancements – providing a comprehensive view of methodology used for the analysis, design and optimization of modern applications.

As well as customer presentations throughout the day, we will host exhibition booths where you can discover and explore through videos, demos and  live chats. You will also have the opportunity to meet all our experts, ask questions and share insights within the virtual platform.

Who should attend?

This event is aimed at experienced and existing users of Altair Feko, Altair WinProp and Altair Flux, as well as interested engineers from the fields of high and low frequency EM simulation, analysts and managers involved in the design, research and development of electromagnetic and electro-mechanical devices.

What to expect?

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Dr Markus Schick, Director EM Solutions, EMEA, Altair

Introduction to Altair & 2020 EM Portfolio Overview

Pietro Cervellera, SVP EMEA, Altair

E-Motors - Session 1

Kobi Ingram, Bental Motion Systems

E-Motor Design Using Altair FluxMotor and Altair Flux for High Demanding Defense Applications

High-Frequency Applications – Session 2

Ahmadreza Jafar, Renault

RF Simulation Applications in Automotive Antenna Integration

E-Motors - Session 1

Enzo Bellini, Sicor 

Design and Optimization of a SPM Motor for Elevators using Altair Flux and Hyperstudy

High-Frequency Applications – Session 2

Peter Futter, Senior Application Specialist, EM Solutions, Altair

Machine Learning in Computational Electromagnetics for Antenna and
EMC Applications

E-Motors - Session 1

Sergi Riba, IRT Saint-Exupery

Electric Machines for Aerospace - Technological Needs for Aircraft's Energy Transition

High-Frequency Applications – Session 2

Magnus Gustavsson, FOI

EM Simulation Activities at FOI using Altair FEKO

E-Motors - Session 1

Andreas Wendt, Toyota Motorsport

Dynamic Power Transfer as a Feature Interoperability of Wireless Power Transfer

High-Frequency Applications – Session 2

Swapnil Kulkarni, Senior Specialist, Electromagnetics, Altair

Radiated Emissions from PCBs - New Feko-PollEx Interface

E-Motors - Session 1

Janselme Eral, Crouzet

Pre Dimensioning Brushless Motors with Altair Flux

High-Frequency Applications – Session 2

Ralf Eichhorn, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

Working with Winprop: How a Radio Network Planning Tool can Help in Aviation Enabling High Precision Auto Land at Complex Airports

Session 3

Altair's Solution for Electric Machine Design and Control - An Overview

Patrick Lombard, Lead Application Specialist Manager - EM Solutions, Altair

Discover Altair's complete solution for the design and control of electric machines: from efficient pre-design to full multiphysics optimization, including system integration. Get an introduction to the platform and see demonstrations of the tools from the Altair portfolio.

Session 4

Latest Features of Altair Flux and Altair FluxMotor

Vincent Leconte, Senior Director, Global BizDev - EM Solutions, Altair

Learn about the newest features of the Altair tools Flux and FluxMotor. See how they will help you simulate better and faster in the future and accelerate electromechanical products' innovation, as part of complete multiphysics design workflows. The session will be finished by showing the future roadmap of those tools and discussing customers wishes and needs.

Session 5

From Antenna Design to Wireless Connectivity – An Overview

Dr Eddy Jehamy, Principal Technical Specialist, Altair

Learn about Altair's High Frequency Solutions, Feko and WinProp, NewFasant, PollEx, Wrap and their capabilities to accelerate your development process. Get an introduction to the different application solutions and see demonstrations how the solution process can be efficiently done.

Session 6

Latest Features of Altair Feko and Altair WinProp

Dr Ulrich Jakobus, SVP EM Solutions, Altair & Dr Renier Hoppe, VP Wireless Systems, Altair

Learn about the latest features and advances of Altair's high frequency solutions, Feko and WinProp, and their capabilities to accelerate your development process. See also enhanced solver interfaces with other Altair solutions and hear about new solutions newFASANT and WRAP that have been added to the Altair HF EM portfolio.
The session will conclude with Ulrich sharing the future roadmap of these tools and discussing customers wishes and needs.

Explore the exhibition booths and chat to our experts during the breaks.  Don't miss the opportunity to meet all our speakers in our dedicated chat rooms during the event!

Dr Ulrich Jakobus, SVP EM Solutions, Altair

Future Roadmap and Vision for EM & EDA Solutions at Altair

Dr Markus Schick, Director EM Solutions, EMEA, Altair

Prizes and Closing

Explore the exhibition booths and chat to our experts

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There is no registration fee to attend the event
Yes you will be asked for your email and password when the event goes live on June 17, 2020.
We will host live sessions and recorded events throughout the day. There will be opportunities for you to engage with our team through live Q&A sessions, visit virtual booths and attend technical sessions.
This is an online event and you can access the event through your login details. The event is accessible from desktop, mobile or tablet devices.
No you do not need to download any software to participate in the event. You only need to have internet access.
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